Reputation Managment

Good Reputation is an asset, which has helped businesses gain ground in times of acute downturns originating from recession, fall in mass purchasing power etc. Also, in this era of competition, reputation management goes a long way in ensuring sustainability of brand reputation of a company. But, in the online world, reputation has a wider dimension & quite unique to what we're used to witnessing in the real world.

Our online reputation management includes:

Search engine reputation management (SERM).

Generating positive publicity.

Enhancing brand reputation online.

Influencing buyer's choices in a positive manner.

Mitigating negative publicity by competitors, former employees or discontented customers etc.

Personel reputation management.

Professional reputation management.

Words from Our Experts:

Online activities like negative feedbacks resides longer in consumer minds since the content remains on the web for longer periods compared to real world.

People tend to click on negative feedback links more than positive ones, since consumers rightly want to feel secure about a company's operations before buying their services or products.

Moreover, with globalization of news channels, media, negative reputation can reach millions within seconds via internet, causing permanent damage to brand reputation which is not at all desirable to you

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